» What are the costs involved in hiring one virtual employee?
» What is your charging method?
» What are the Tax related and Legal liabilities behind hiring a Virtual Employee?
» Is there any Start Up Fee?
» Are there any other hidden costs? Does $699 per month cover all costs?
» How can you provide employees at such low cost?
» What is the normal time-frame of a contract?
» What is the outcome of a smaller contract vs. a twelve month contract?
» What are the billing cycle / payment terms?
» How quickly can resources for a requirement be provided?
» What are your areas of expertise within Virtual Employee services?
» What do we need to provide you for hiring a virtual employee?
» What are the necessary steps for hiring an employee?
» Do I have the right to screen candidates and conduct interviews for their selection?
» What is the ease of monitoring and communicating with the virtual employee?
» How does my employee work with me?
» What is the communication link between me and my employee?
» How can I monitor my employee’s efficiency and working?
» How do you monitor my employees work output?
» Once I decide to hire an employee, what are the prerequisites for his starting working for my     organization?
» Can I hire an employee of my own choice?
» What is the procedure for any non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
» Are there any sample works available?
» Are there any testimonials or referrals available?
» How can I monitor the progress of my projects?
» What is the employee strength of your company?
» Will a Virtual Employee work for anyone else apart from us?
» What is the weekly working schedule of my employee on projects?
»  What is your Confidential and Secret Information Protection Policy?
» Is Part-Time basis hiring also available?
» Do the intellectual property and ownership of work rights prevail with my    company?
» What is “Notice Period”?
» What is the assurance of hiring the right candidate for the position?
» What should I do if I or my employee has any problem?
» What are the chances of my employee leaving?
» Can I visit India or train my employee?
» Can I come to India to interview candidates?
» Can my employee come to my country for training?
» What are the consequences of non-satisfactory performance of my employee?
» Can I offer incentives / bonuses to my employee?
» Can I bring the employee I hire to my country on a short term basis for training or even on a long    term basis on a working visa?
» Are employees proficient in English available?
» Is a trial with an employee possible?
» Do you offer competitive salaries to the employees?
» What is the leaves and holiday policy?
» What part of India are you located in?
» If I hire more than one employee can they sit and work together?
» If I hire more than one employee/several employees, can I get a discount?
» Can a replacement against any of my sick or absent employee be made?
» Can my employee be equipped with additional hardware/software to that already provided?
» I do not require a long-term dedicated employee but want to outsource a project. Is this possible?